Terrence Metz

President of Morgan Madison & Company, through professional and academic endeavors, Terrence has focused on improving group decision-making quality.  His experience has proven that:

1. Evidence-based information assures higher quality decisions.

2. Properly managed conflict, provides groups with more “options” to consider —
 and groups with more options have been proven to make higher quality decisions.

With a Baccalaureate in Science from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and a MBA from NWU’s Kellogg School of Management, Metz’s core competency has focused on rhetoric: the process of adjusting ideas to people and people to ideas. He is a founding principal partner and president at MG RUSH and a certified Six Sigma Green Belt® from Motorola University.  CRC Press, part of Taylor and Francis, publishers since 1798, published his recent book, “Change or Die: Business Process Improvement Manual”.  Terrence introduced the concept of holism to the field of structured facilitation as a method for keeping discussions on target and aligning deliverables within and throughout an enterprise. As a public speaker and instructor, he strives to reduce ‘noise’ and ‘distractions’ so that groups and teams can be more successful.

Terrence is passionate about using and teaching the FAST Facilitation technique so that people and teams make more informed decisions.  He made the FAST technique more robust by adding and enhancing decision-making tools such as PowerBalls and the FAST quantitative SWOT technique that is used worldwide by Fortune 1000 companies.  Since 1999, Terrence has taught over three hundred classes.

2 Responses to Terrence Metz

  1. Ron Seegolam says:

    I attended the “FAST Session Leader” course that was conducted in-house at the FDIC and would like information on related course: whenand where and how to register. The web page lists completed courses.


    • The FAST Advanced Curriculum is fresh and unique each class. For example, next week in Austin we’ll be providing new tools (eg, Content Management), new agendas that support scenario planning and strategy mapping, and two vide-recorded sessions for each participant, in a less than 56 hours (ie, from 8am day one until 4pm day three). What deliverables and topics in particular are you seeking additional training?

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