MG Rush Facilitator Training and Facilitation Training

We train facilitators and provide facilitation training. We specialize in structured facilitation; the type used in most important workshops, team meetings, and retreats. Our facilitation technique is ideal for project management, strategic planning, and quality initiatives. Our training is applicable to business, technical, government, and community environments.

We’ve been training facilitators since 1985. We are the originator of the FAST workshop facilitation technique. Our facilitation techniques were developed after extensive research into alternative facilitated workshop techniques and after many hours leading sessions.

Our FAST technique is in use at hundreds of organizations, including the largest and most successful worldwide. We are a pioneer and the recognized leader in facilitation forinformation gathering, ideation, planning, analysis, dispute resolution, collaboration, and decision-making. With our training, you’ll improve your confidence, leadership, efficiency, and effectiveness with groups, workshops, projects, and teams.

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MG RUSH has been providing facilitation training since the mid-1980s. Based on extensive research of effective facilitation techniques and many, many hours of applied facilitation, FAST was created to fill gaps left by other techniques, to formalize our discoveries and innovations, and to enable others to make facilitated workshops useful in all team/workgroup activities. We’ve since created CHOICE as the evolutionary step beyond FAST.CHOICEincorporates several years of intensive field testing of new techniques that reflect the modern organization: distributed, electronic, multi-cultural, and a heavy emphasis on quality and project management excellence.MG RUSH has seeded FASTand CHOICE techniques at hundreds of companies, including some of the largest, most recognizable in the world. We are an acknowledged leader in the trend to use facilitated workshops for information gathering, planning, decision-making, and team leadership.Our course participants arefrommany different fields: business analysts, professional facilitators, workshop leaders, team managers, planners, quality experts, senior managers and executives, and internal/external consultants of any type.


  • We have trained more facilitators than just about anyone else. We are THE leading trainers for structured facilitation (such as JADJAR and derivatives).
  • Our alumni are amongst the most successful facilitators in the world.
  • FAST is used in over 300 companies and 25 countries. We have influenced almost 1000 companies because of the consulting firms that we train who use facilitators with their clients. FAST has become more widely used and accepted in corporations than any other facilitation technique – including JAD.
  • All of the major user groups for facilitators were either started by our alumni or are now headed by our alumni.
  • The successful growth of facilitation in the Northern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East is directly related to our alumni.
  • We are the oldest continuous consulting group in the United States that is dedicated to structured facilitation techniques such as FAST or JAD.
  • We have developed and deliver over nine different classes, including: FAST Facilitator WorkshopAdvanced FacilitationQuality Project and InitiativesExecutive Facilitation,Facilitation for Project Managers, and Leading Better Meetings. We also offer an incredibly flexible curriculum called CHOICE that enables you to tailor a course for your time, budget, and content needs.

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